Dr. Stephen Eric Enriquez
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12 Hudson Valley Professional Plaza,
NY - 12550
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Dr. Stephen Eric Enriquez

12 Hudson Valley Professional Plaza, Newburgh NY, 12550

(845) 562-3370

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Special Issue Treatment


The effects of radiation and chemotherapy will cause dry mouth resulting in carrious lesions to remaining dention . Prior to undergoing surgical, chemotherapy or radiation therapy a complete evaluation is recommmended . Dr Enriquez has vast experience treating these conditions with many restorative options to make the mouth whole again.

Congenital Birth Defects :

Patients suffering form genetic issies such as ectodermal dysplasia ( missing tooth structure , missing teeth etc..) as well as other conditions , many times can be fully restored with a full compliment of teeth.

Gastrointestinal Issues:

Patients suffering from gastro intestinal issues lose enamel/ protective outer covering which leads to serious decay and tooth loss. Dr. Enriquez has restored many patients suffering from these conditions , both functionally and aesthtically . We are the best Dentist in New Windsor NY